Return Policy

Throughout the admission process, the amount or amounts paid on account before completing the training, as well as the enrollment, early booking or full amount of the course may be returned by the center at the student's request, during the fifteen days after payment of registration. If the student notifies the non-completion of the course after the period described (fifteen days after the formalization of the registration), they will lose all the right to recover the amount paid, given the impossibility of the Center to cover the place with another student with enough time.

Likewise, the student who for any reason does not attend the course (face-to-face or online) in part or in its entirety, will not have the option of claiming any amount from the center as a refund for the amount paid.

In the event that the student directs the monthly payment of his training and that for any reason he cannot continue the training or it is interrupted in any way, he will have to pay the monthly payments previously established and he will not be able to return the receipts of the collection monthly of the entire school period corresponding to the contracted training, since it is understood that the student had previously established his commitment to carry it out and the training center has already assumed the total costs that his place has originated.

In the case of having paid for the entire course and not having been able to do it, in whole or in part, the center will reserve the right to offer a partial or full scholarship for another course of the same or similar characteristics so that you can do it in another time.