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The training that allows you to go further in your transformation process and brings you closer to your dream of entering the industry. If you've made it this far, it means you're about to take the leap in your personal and professional evolution. Any impediments you have encountered so far, from knowing what you want to do to choosing the most direct, most practical and most amazing process to build your career, will become one more challenge to achieve that will be clearer and more tangible. Select here the training that best suits you and get in touch with our department of advisors who will guide you through all these areas and training modalities.

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This training is a must for anyone interested in visual design and the creation of imaginary worlds and characters that make up the productions we see everywhere today.

Digital Film

In this training you will learn everything you need to become a digital filmmaker and enter the world's largest creative industry.


The video game programming training is focused on instructing students to be able to perform any type of mechanics required by the video game they are going to develop, from character control, enemy AI's to large systems.


3D character animation is the art of bringing inanimate 3D characters to life. The artist's knowledge and creativity in animating the characters must make the audience perceive the movement, behavior and emotions of the characters as believable.

Training On-site and Online

Study at our facilities or from home, we adapt to your needs.


Face-to-face at the Valencia facilities. If they choose this option, they could now start classes telepresentially and then join in person as soon as the current situation is resolved.


Connect live with your teachers and classmates from Monday to Thursday for 3 hours a day. Once the classes are over, you will have them posted on the virtual campus to see them again as many times as you need.


You have free time to access the classes recorded and uploaded by the teachers every day, and you have a weekly hour of tutoring with the teacher to solve any doubts you may have.

Authorized Training Center

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At Universal Arts School we provide the opportunity for young talents from all over the world to develop their skills and reach their full potential.



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