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About the admission process

The admission process has 5 total phases

  • Form: First of all you would have to fill out this form online to officially start your process
  • Level test: We will evaluate your current level through a portfolio review or specific test to be specified according to the selected training.
  • Admission interview: We want to know what are your motivations and professional objectives that you want to achieve with this training, and thus decide if this is the right training for you.
  • Final resolution: The Admissions Committee will evaluate your complete profile and make a decision on whether you are admitted to the training.
  • Enrollment: Once you know if you have been admitted to the training, your enrollment is formalized and your place will be saved.

In addition to this process, you can also apply for one of our partial scholarships.

The admission process is open until the places in each call are exhausted, so if you have everything clear you could start it right away. Our recommendation is always to start the admission process as soon as possible to ensure that there are still places available.

Same if you are looking to apply to one of our partial scholarships. Keep in mind that the scholarships run out faster than the places, so if you are looking to obtain one of them it will always be better to start your process as soon as possible.
It is not a requirement that you have previous related training to take our training, although during the admission process it will be evaluated if you have sufficient knowledge at a practical level to be able to carry out the training. You may have acquired this knowledge with official training or self-taught.
The main thing we look for in our students is that they have the skills, aptitudes and attitudes necessary to be able to carry out the program. This ranges from having a previous level in the chosen area, to a very marked professional aspiration. In other words, we are looking for students for whom this is not a hobby, but who want to dedicate themselves to this at a professional level.

In the event that you are not very sure if you have the necessary level to carry out the training, you can contact one of our personal advisors so that they can carry out a prior evaluation of your profile, without any type of cost or commitment.
The face-to-face classes last 12 hours a week, and in the case of the online modality this load is slightly reduced because the teachers clean and edit the content so that you have the necessary material. In addition to this, we recommend spending at least the same number of hours a week to practice what you have learned and do the weekly tasks.

Keep in mind that, as it is a totally practical training, all the additional hours that you dedicate to working will be to your benefit since they will be reflected in better deliveries and a better portfolio.
In case you have doubts about which training to choose, don't worry, we are here to help and advise you. Request information on the training that, a priori, you think may be the one that best suits you, and when speaking with your personal advisor you can raise your doubts so that we can advise you on the training that best suits you based on your objectives current professionals and skills.

About our training

The evaluation system is divided into two parts:

  • Years of academic training
  • The Studio Production

Each year of training is structured into Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

The Hard Skills will be delivered through the Virtual Campus.

The Soft Skills are quarterly and the behavior of a student throughout their training is measured and serve to assess the student's professionalism in the world of work.

Yes, you will be able to go on to the second year, but once you have finished your year's training, you have two months to hand in the failed tasks or the tasks that you have not been able to upload to the Virtual Campus for said subject so that your teacher /instructor to correct that task again.
If you have failed the average of a course, you have the option of passing it once, at the end of the school year, since you have two months to hand in the suspended tasks or the tasks that you have not been able to upload to the Virtual Campus so that your teacher/instructor can correct you again said task.
No, you cannot obtain the degree with the training failed, you must have all the training courses in your training route approved.
If you have more than 20% absences without official justification, the training is automatically suspended, with no option to recover it.

About financing

At Universal Arts School we offer several payment options to our students, among which are:
  • Cash: for an additional 3% discount. In this case, the payment would be made in the month prior to the start of classes.
  • Annual: In this case, the total cost is divided into annual payments. Each of these payments would have to be made in the month prior to the start of classes.
  • Semester: The total cost is divided into installments every 6 months, in September and March of each year.
  • Quarterly: The cost is divided into installments to be made every 3 months: In September, December and March of each year.
  • Monthly (CHECK AVAILABILITY)*: In this case we can divide the total cost into up to 12 monthly installments per year. These payments would be made automatically by credit/debit card and in the first 5 days of each month.
*This form of payment may require a study by UNIVERSAL ARTS SCHOOL and/or an advance payment depending on the training.
All the internal financing options of UNIVERSAL ARTS SCHOOL have no interest, commissions or additional costs for the student.
Yes, you can finance your training with your bank. In case you want to proceed in this way, we will prepare a proforma invoice together with your registration documents so that you can present the documentation at your bank.
Of course. You can request a call with one of our personal advisors to see options personalized for you.

For example, we can see the option of making a partial payment in advance and financing the rest with your bank or with us.

Ask us and we will sit down with you (in person or virtually) to do the numbers.

About the scholarships

At UNIVERSAL ARTS SCHOOL we offer two types of partial scholarships:
  • Talent Scholarship: It is awarded based on the student's talent in one of our four fields: Animation, Film, Videogames, or Illustration. In order for a student to be considered for this scholarship, they must demonstrate their passion for their chosen field through examples of work completed.
  • Study Assistance Scholarship: Granted based on academic merit and/or financial need. Students who apply for this scholarship must submit official academic records from the schools they have previously attended, and/or family economic reports.
Each student can apply to any of them, or to both. Every student can get one of them.
Our scholarships are available to be applied for by any student who is in the admission process for any of the UNIVERSAL ARTS SCHOOL courses.
The process can be started at any time from the start of the admission process until the start of classes.

Our recommendation is to start at the same time as the admission process. In this way, both procedures will be resolved at the same time, and the student will be able to enroll knowing exactly what the cost of their training will be.
The scholarships are attached to the economic conditions in force at the time of starting the process.

If you are already a student and have financial conditions other than those currently in force, you could apply for one of the scholarships, but your conditions would be adapted to the current ones.

About homologation

All the formations in UNIVERSAL ARTS SCHOOL are official non-regulated formations. Which means that they are own titles.

Our training provides titles with curricular validity, and have international certification so that our students can dedicate themselves to the Cinema, Videogames and Animation sector anywhere in the world.
Training at UNIVERSAL ARTS SCHOOL has international certification. The diplomas are nationally certified by the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security.

At an international level, we are certified by:
  • ACR (American Career Review): ranked as Top 1 Spanish School and Top 14 of the world of best 100.
  • Pixologic Zbrush Accredited Academic Institution, Europe
  • Pixologic Zbrush Accredited Academic Institution, United States
  • Epic Games Training Center, International
  • Unreal Engine Academic Partner (Arts and Programming)
  • Unreal Engine Academic Partner (Arts and Programming)
  • Side FX Training Center
  • Adobe Substance Painter Training Center, International
  • Marmoset Accredited Training Center, International
  • Adobe Training Center
  • NewTek Authorized Training Center
  • Pixar RenderMan Authorized Training Center
  • Luxology The Foundry Training Center, International
  • Black Magic Training Center
  • Marvelous Designer Academic Partner, International
  • Maxon Training Center
  • Celtx Educational Center
  • DaVinci Resolve Authorized Training Center
  • Fusion Authorized Training Center
  • Fairlight Authorized Training Center
Yes. This training is totally specialized in each of the areas of development of Film, Animation and Videogame projects, with which our students finish the training with a totally professional profile and a wide portfolio of projects that demonstrate their skills.

As it is an international degree, it also allows our students to work anywhere in the world, without having to validate the degree.
First of all, it is worth mentioning that in Spain there are no oppositions in this type of sector (Video Games, Sculpting, Cinema, Animation, VFX, Concept Art, etc.) as there are no public positions to hold to carry out this type of work.

This high-performance training is aimed at people who want to pursue a professional career in the world of digital audiovisual creation with the maximum guarantees.

In any case, with this degree, and our approvals, you get extra points to occupy a public position, accrediting training hours and endorsing high-level skills.

About employability

Training at Universal Arts School is designed to have all the necessary content to have a completely professional profile in the shortest amount of time possible. Therefore, the academic contents do not pose mandatory practices that steal time from the training.

That said, students can do voluntary practices during the training whenever they want. In case of doing this, from Universal Arts School we help you to process the necessary documentation to make your internship contract.
From Universal Arts School we are going to give you all the tools so that you can get a job at the end of the training: We teach you the necessary software to carry out the job of your dreams, you learn how to build a professional portfolio oriented to the desired profile, and we mark you guidelines for contact with companies and studies that fit with your professional goals.

Universal Arts School students finish their studies with a high level because it is highly specialized, which means that they get high-profile positions in the studios and production companies of their choice.

Keep in mind that training is always a maximum of 20%. The remaining 80% depends on the effort and dedication of each student: The more effort you make during your studies, the better work you will do. And those works translate into a better portfolio, which is what they want to see in the studios to see what you know how to do and what you can contribute to their projects.

We guarantee that with our 20% you can reach 100% of your maximum creative potential.
The Employability Department is the support unit from Universal Arts School that helps students with regard to their future employment. From this Department, each student is advised and guided to see what their best professional options are within their work objectives.

They are guided towards which studios or production companies best fit the types of projects they want to do, and they are helped to guide their portfolios for each of those studios.

Also, in case students want to set up their own indie studio, they are also advised on that.
The Employability Module is an interactive platform within our virtual campus, accessible to all our senior students.

Through this platform, students can access the latest job offers in the sector, nationally and internationally, which are updated in real time. They can filter the offers by position, area or country. Students can receive up to 3,000 job offers per day.

In addition to this, students can, instead of seeing job offers, see the list of studios and producers that fit the job, area, and country filters, if they want to get closer.

In the "My Profile" section, within the virtual campus, students upload and update their professional data, portfolio and demo-reel, to make their presentation online, being able to present their work and also their professional profiles on LinkedIn, Artstation or platform own website.


Still not ready? Don't worry, talk to one of our specialized advisors and we'll help you find the path to your professional success.



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